Ovation and IBM Cloudant: The future of life science research

Posted by Adam Hasler on Feb 16, 2016 4:40:23 PM

At its core, Ovation is a tool for researchers to manage their data, collaborate with other researchers, and ensure that valuable metadata and relationships between data are conserved. 

This requires a lot of flexibility to ensure that the scientist can focus on experiments and analyses, rather than the endless technical requirements of managing their data. 

In order to provide a platform for researchers that met their data needs, Ovation chose Apache CouchDB and Cloudant as the "root truth" of its data architecture. Ovation can respond quickly to the needs of its users, provide full text indexing, and grow its infrastructure intelligently thanks to the Cloudant platform. As a data-centric startup, we at Ovation are proud to have Cloudant as a partner.